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Daetwyler can design and produce custom manufacturing solutions as well as help you repair, refurbish,
modify and upgrade your existing machines and equipment!

Do you have a product you want to manufacture but are unsure of the best way to design and build the equipment to produce it? Would building a new production line be more time consuming and complex than you are able to manage internally? Or, perhaps you have a new industrial innovation and its success depends on the machine performance and you are not sure how to proceed?

Resolving these challenges for our customers is the core strength of Daetwyler. We routinely build fully or semiautomated machines, from concept to manufacturing and assembly; including electrical and software engineering, project management, and operator manuals; as well as commissioning and service.

We also offer excellent guidance for those new to manufacturing or who may be looking to optimize their process. To that end, our expertise includes translating your ideas into buildable designs. We can build-to-your-print, suggesting edits, or recommend improvements to the build process. Give us a call to discuss your application.

Our professional manufacturing consultation is based on decades of experience in engineering, high precision machine construction, and assemblies. We support and advise you from the development phase of your products onwards, with the goal of achieving unique functionality with minimal manufacturing costs.

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Daetwyler industries serves the Charlotte North Carolina, Huntersville, North Carolina and the Carolinas with custom machinery solutions and machine refurbishment.  From engineering and design through construction and automation, we do it all.  And, if you don't need a new system, we can evaluate your existing systems and determine if they are a candidate for refurbishment and/or upgrading.  Contact us today and let us help you maximize your production!

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