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Since 1972, Daetwyler USA has been the name the world’s most successful print, packaging, and coating businesses trust when it comes to expert service and support coupled with precision, high-performance equipment, tools, supplies, and more.

MDC Gold is a Doctor Blade product, produced by Daetwyler. The blade reduces defects in the entire print run and delivers precise ink metering.

Our spirit of innovation began with the manufacture of the industry’s top-quality doctor blades and press consumables, and the hands-on expertise to help our clients optimize their press performance and results. Today, Daetwyler USA has grown to be the industry’s comprehensive resource for anything and everything needed to make an impression over the competition – from Anilox Rollers and Sleeves to Rotoflex Inks and Coatings, to the exceptional cleaning and maintenance offerings of DW Renzmann, LaserClean, and AniCAM. Most importantly, only Daetwyler provides one of the most knowledgeable service teams in the business when it comes to operation, troubleshooting, and optimizing quality in real-world scenarios.

Performance, productivity, and profitability – all made possible through the innovation of Daetwyler.

Optimization Services

Cleaning & Distillation
Equipment for Ink, Coating, and Adhesives Industries

Cleaning Process and Solvent Recovery system

Looking for the perfect MDC doctor blades for flexo printing? Daetwyler offers the perfect MDC doctor blades for any application.

Daetwyler offers a wide range of MDC doctor blades for gravure printing, helping you achieve the perfect print result.

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