Anilox Roller Solutions for Multiple Applications

Rollers and Cylinders for Flexo, Litho, Coatings, and More

Part of our promise to be The Experts in Ink Transfer Technologies means providing solutions for every aspect of your print operation.

This includes one of the most important pieces of equipment in your shop – your anilox roller.

We partner only with best-in-class providers who share our same spirit of innovation and commitment to quality when it comes to professional-grade anilox products for narrow- and wide-web, lithography and coatings, pre-printing and more.

Our Preferred Anilox Roller Partner - Sandon Global

In North America, Daetwyler is proud to be a strategic partner for Sandon Global – an award-winning anilox manufacturer with international presence across multiple segments of the printing and coating industries.

The Sandon Global range of finishing, coating, decorative, and other options are all known for results thanks to a unique combination of engineering expertise, state-of-the-art technologies like lasers, and detail-oriented finishing processes.

Available Engravings Include

Daetwyler & Sandon Global Leadership discuss working together

Sandon Global Corporate Overview Video Presentation

Classic Engraving From Sandon Global for Wide Web Flexibles Printers

Fluid HEX 60º anilox engraving

High Opacity White or HOW anilox engraving

HVP Anilox Engraving Video From Sandon Global

Fluid UV 75º combination engraving for solid and tone work

XPRO Anilox Engraving Video From Sandon Global

iPro HD Engraving From Sandon Global

Sandon Global also supplies

Daetwyler is the only company that ensures both components (doctor blade and anilox) work optimally together, so ink transfer remains smooth and consistent – from the first impression to the last.