Consistency - Johny Stamey

With our benefit since internally of being a Lean Six Sigma company, the benefits will only flow downhill into our customers, and it’ll be a win-win and that’s what I’m looking forward to doing. When you go into a press room, you’re doing testing or trials, you look around, you’re…I’m very observant and I like to see stuff, how they do stuff, how their process works and flows and, sometimes you see people walking around, looking for stuff, can’t find stuff, it really delays a make ready, right; you’re trying to get blades on the press; you’re wanting to speed it up; there won’t make ready times; it’s always about faster, faster; how can we increase more production press time and so, when you can take a tool like a 5s, go in and work in a certain area like a make ready or something, and do a 5s with them, you know do something like that – put it in place – it’s only going to increase their up time, and they’ll see a huge benefit in not only you being a supplier of a doctor blade, but also being a supplier that’s, almost a partner with them. Johny Stamey, a technical product manager with Max Daetwyler Corporation – been with the company for almost 18 years now.