Precision Laser-Powered Cleaning Enhances Print Quality, Minimizes Downtime, and Minimizes Wear to Anilox Rollers

In yet another new partnership designed to make the world’s top ink transfer technologies accessible to all professional print operations, Daetwyler has recently announced it has added LaserClean to its comprehensive product and service offering. LaserClean is one of the most recognized names in cleaning equipment that uses lasers, rather than solvents or abrasives, to remove residues from inks, coatings, lacquers, and adhesives commonly used in the flexographic printing industry.

“LaserClean equipment is absolutely the leading edge of what is available today when it comes to exacting, precision cleaning,” said Doug Cole, Sales Manager for Cleaning Equipment at Daetwyler USA. “This partnership is a logical extension of similar relationships we’ve established with D.W. Renzmann and others, understanding that nothing influences print quality more than the condition and cleanliness of rollers and other equipment. LaserClean is yet another way our clients can enhance their results and the profitability of their operations.”

One of the most attractive features of laser cleaning technology is the fact that it greatly reduces downtime associated with cleaning anilox rollers and sleeves. In some cases, LaserClean can even be used without taking a press offline. Even off-line cleaning is quicker and more efficient, with a laser that vaporizes inks and other residues without additional clean-up, storage, and eventual disposal of solvents. What used to take hours or even days to return a press to running condition can be done in a fraction of the time with LaserClean.

“Time is money,” said Daetwyler USA Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Marty Cansler. “That’s universal across all printing companies all over the world. When presses aren’t running, revenue suffers. LaserClean not only allows printers to maximize their up-time, but also positively impact print quality with a deep cleaning every time LaserClean is used.”

Cansler is also quick to point out that even though LaserClean delivers intensive cleaning results, it does so without causing damage to roller surfaces like abrasives. The laser’s light consists of microscopic photon particles that are able to reach all the way into the deepest cells of the roller’s surface. Pollutants such as ink, residue, and coatings absorb the laser’s energy and are then vaporized. Because the ceramic surface of the roller does not absorb the laser’s energy, it is not impacted in any way by the laser. The residue waste can then be swept up and disposed of without hazmat procedures or storage requirements. Daetwyler will be offering LaserClean machines for purchase as well as offering LaserClean as part of their service offering.

“We’re confident that once our fellow professionals see the results associated with LaserClean, they will be eager to bring the technology in house,” said Cole. “For those who aren’t quite ready to make that investment, they will still be able to experience the advantages by contacting Daetwyler for a service appointment.”

Daetwyler offers three different LaserClean machines – each optimized to meet specific needs of narrow, medium, and wide web presses. Daetwyler’s full cleaning product line-up can be found at

About Daetwyler USA
Max Daetwyler, Inc. was founded in 1943 in Switzerland and expanded into the United States in 1975 to support the North American market. Today, we are a leading worldwide supplier of Doctor Blades and other pressroom products for the printing industry.

About LaserClean
Currently the #1 laser cleaning company for anilox rollers in Europe, LaserClean has specialized in laser cleaning of all kinds since 1994. In 2003, the company shifted its focus entirely to the cleaning of ceramic/anilox rollers such as those used in cardboard, flexographic, label, and offset printing. The company’s lengthy experience has made it adept at answering all circumstances and demands facing this industry. All laser machines are designed and produced in house, and LaserClean continually looks for ways to enhance quality, performance, speed, and convenience through knowledge and insights gained in the field.

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This release was also published on Yahoo Finance