Daetwyler and Sandon Global
A Partnership of Excellence

Video Transcript

David Young – President, Daetwyler USA (DY):  
At Daetwyler, we’re always looking for ways things can be done better. We’ve been working with all parts of the pressroom for decades. In fact, the company’s history has roots in designing and building equipment to machining integrated gravure cylinders, with exacting precision down to micron levels. You could say we have a lot of experience in engraving cells and rollers. Add that to the generations of expertise we have in doctor blades and we can ensure a clean transfer of ink onto all substrates. 
Flexo printers are always talking about delivering gravure-like quality. Well, to do that, you work with the partners who have been producing those kinds of results for decades. Our decision to partner with an anilox manufacturer was based on our unending drive to perfect pressroom efficiency and output. 
Richard Millington – Managing Director, Sandon Global (RM): 
Daetwyler is a like-minded, pure and simple. It was immediately apparent when we opened talks that we share similar values. Sandon Global takes the same approach in seeking to embrace print issues as a technical challenge and using decades of experience and knowledge to come up with a sustainable solution. 
DY: We’re driven by the same things. Sandon manufactures best-in-class anilox, but even more importantly, they are in a perpetual state of innovation. There’s new plates and software and new graphics technologies that come to the flexo industry regularly, but you rarely see anything new when it comes to anilox. Sandon is the exception. They innovate everything from base construction, to different engraving technologies, to the components they use in the construction of their ceramics, and even their finishing techniques are innovative. 
RM: The North American flexo market is mature and demanding. We understand the emphasis on both quality and value – which is a balancing act for all organizations. However, we arrive with confidence and a proven track record that demonstrates our ability to add value through innovation. 
DY: This is why Sandon anilox stands out. It’s the same way Daetwyler purses new materials and coatings and configurations for doctor blades. Bringing the two brands together just makes sense. 
RM: Our core values are listed behind me, and we live by them throughout every aspect of our business plan. How this translates to the American market with Daetwyler’s support, is the ability to transfer to knowledge and expertise. As part of the analyze, design, implement, and measure proposition, we will offer on-site anilox audits for training for printers. In terms of the obvious question around logistics, we have set up a responsive supply chain solution as we acknowledge the importance of being able to respond quickly. Any urgent engravings can be shipped by air freight. 
DY: There is a certain set of problems that can be solved with just an anilox solution. The same is true for doctor blades. But to achieve the very best performance, it usually takes all components working just right, in a way that fits your business objectives. Our approach is to make certain you have more tools in your toolbox, not just doctor blades or just an anilox, or even cleaning equipment solutions for that matter, but 360-degree solutions that deliver results that are qualitatively better than any one product can solve on its own. When we go into pressrooms, we are not just improving speed or throughput. We’re limiting downtime, improving control, reducing changeovers, and delivering what every press room manager wants: predictable and repeatable, high-quality results. 
RM: There is no question, flexo printers will benefit from the combination of Daetwyler’s knowledge of doctor blades and our anilox pedigree.