As of April 1, 2021, all of us at Daetwyler are pleased to welcome Sandon Global as our new supplier of high-performance anilox rollers and sleeves. An award-winning manufacturer with a reputation for exceptional quality and results, Sandon Global brings state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship to flexographic and other roller-based printing operations. The motivating decision behind the partnership is rooted in Sandon Global’s long-standing dedication to innovation and product improvement when it comes to engraving technologies, materials, core composition, durability, and more.

While we do considerable work with flexographic businesses throughout North America, Daetwyler’s earliest histories trace back to the days of gravure. Some of our first products were high-performance gravure cylinders, noted for their exceptional engraving quality. It was that engraving knowledge that moved the company into doctor blades – so that engravings were optimally inked for accurate, consistent output, even on long gravure runs. Today, that knowledge of engraving has moved to the cell technologies on anilox rollers, but the principle is the same – you need the most advanced engraving technologies matched with the right doctor blade for ink type, press type, or substrate to yield the very-best-possible print output. In other words, a doctor blade is only as good as its anilox, and vice versa.

This is precisely why Sandon Global and Daetwyler coming together makes so much sense. No one else in the industry invests as much time, research, study, and testing into their products as these two brands. And, just like Daetwyler, Sandon Global never stops innovating to meet the newest challenges in the printing world – including flexible packaging, UV inks, maximized white opacities, and more. The best anilox products, the best doctor blades and other press consumables – now through the one source you know and trust. It’s that simple.

The complete Sandon Global offering through Daetwyler features:

For more information about our new strategic partnership with Sandon Global, please see our press release announcing the relationship.

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