Anilox Narrow Web

Rollers and Cylinders for Flexo, Litho, Coatings, and More

The narrow-web category provides a unique set of challenges and an endless range of finishing, coating, and decoration options that deliver solid performance while also embracing industry trends such as hybrid flexo-digital presses and LED curing technology.

Combination Print 75° (Fluid UV)

The key benefits of the Sandon Global combination engraving (also known as Fluid UV) cover both solid and tone work and include:

Process & Solid 60° (Fluid Hex)

The Sandon Global 60º engraving (also known as Fluid HEX) is far from conventional in that it can be used for process and solid work on a broad range of substrates. Key advantages include:

High Definition Process 61° (XPRO)

High Definition print is becoming the norm in the narrow-web world and the Sandon Global specialized 61º engraving (also known as XPRO) is ideal for both process and vignette print. Used typically with high resolution plates, robust cell peaks and channelled cell walls offer:

Heavy Solid & Coating (GMX Anilox™)

The Sandon Global patented engraving (also known as GMX Anilox®) has been designed to address the challenges of laying down special and heavy coatings including varnish, adhesives, and metallic inks. This versatile and unique engraving is protected under patent no. EP3408097B1 because of a design that allows for:

High Opacity White (HOW)

Getting optimal results with white inks is a challenge for nearly every operation. Ensuring excellent opacity without orange-peeling or drying issues, uniform lay down, and brightness against multiple substrates are all situations the High Opacity White engraving (also known as HOW) was developed for an anilox that gives you total control. High Opacity White engravings come in 4 different volume levels to suit the text and solid density required and also deliver:

High Opacity Color (HOC)

Anilox Narrow Web HOC (High Opacity Color)

High Opacity Color engraving (also known as HOC) removes the need for a backing white to achieve dense, opaque, and strong colors. Developed in tandem with the High Opacity White engraving it enables printers to lay heavy coat weights to achieve the required opacity across the full-color gamut. Summary benefits:

Daetwyler is the only company that ensures both components (doctor blade and anilox) work optimally together, so ink transfer remains smooth and consistent – from the first impression to the last.