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Daetwyler USA celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2015.



New divisional structure: formation of Global Tec Holding with the two diviosions SwissTec and Industries operating worldwide. 


Acquisition of Daetwyler IBOTech with a new center of excellence for research and development in Germany.


Construction of the first LaserSonic, a new form of digital printing equipment. New digital printing equipment is developed and built based on the innovative LaserSonic technology under the banner “DI Project AG,” a joint venture of the companies Interprint and Daetwyler.


The partnership with Waterjet AG for the development, distribution, and production of high-precision waterjet cutting machines begins in Aarwangen, Switzerland. 


On January 1, 2008,, the production of MDC doctor blades begins at the independent company Daetwyler SwissTec AG in Bleienbach.


Daetwyler SwissTec India Pte. Ltd was founded and started with the production of MDC doctor blades in India in 2006.


Daetwyler was recognized for it's ULTRALIFE doctor blade by the Packaging & Label Gravure Association (PLGA).



The production of MDC doctor blades begins in China with the opening of MDC Daetwyler (China) Co. Ltd.


Max Daetwyler Co. was awarded the ERA European Innovation Prize for the development of the Laser Star.


Daetwyler's newly-developed doctor blade lamella was recognized for its “Constant Contact Area" by the Gravure Association of America. For the first time in the history of the printing industry, a doctor blade had been developed that eliminated point increase and ensured a constant printout throughout the entire production run.



Max Daetwyler Co. was renamed Max Daetwyler AG.


Max Daetwyler Corp. opened for business in Huntersville, USA.


Start of distribution of the unique developed lamella doctor blade, which became a watchword for quality and reliability worldwide.


The Swiss Confederation abruptly halted the Mirage programme for political reasons. Within a very short space of time, Daetwyler was compelled to reorient its business model and found new opportunities for business in the graphic arts industry, in particular in gravure printing.


At the age of 27, Max Daetwyler founded the company in Dietikon, canton Zurich. The focus was on aircraft maintenance and overhaul.