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UV Spitting Solutions Brought to Light

As the print industry continues to make advancements in ink technologies and printing techniques, the demands surrounding print performance will evolve as well. While UV inks certainly represent a huge step forward in end-result, color richness, sharpness, and clarity, they also come along with the all-too-familiar challenge of UV spitting.

At Daetwyler, we’ve been working side by side with professional print businesses just like yours to determine not only the most common causes for UV spitting, but also the most effective remedies. With decades of expertise in the industry, Daetwyler’s insight is based on expert knowledge of print mechanics, set up, materials, and more - which means we always seek complete answers rather than ‘temporary fixes.’ Our latest recommendations regarding UV Ink Spitting is just one more example of this.


Understanding that UV inks are different from traditional inks in a number of ways can help shed some light on the frustrating ink-spitting issue - while state-of-the-art equipment and precise print settings can help eliminate the problem without potential damage to anilox and other press components.

Download the full UV Ink Metering White Paper for more information.