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Back Doctoring - Causes and Solutions

If you’ve ever experienced the hard deposits left by dripping inks and back doctoring, you know it can impact print quality, damage equipment, and cause cleaning and maintenance headaches… but wouldn’t you also like to know why it keeps happening?

It starts seemingly simple enough - with visible ink leakage dripping in the catch pan under the doctor blade chamber. Yet, when seals and calibration settings are checked there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. But the proof is right there in the pan and on your equipment.

Your problem could be due to back doctoring.

When excess ink remains on the anilox roller, it can cause drips and icicle-like build up that impacts the overall performance of your press. This is particularly common on Central Impression Presses where back-side decks rotate against the containment blade and leave residue.

Is it back doctoring? Here is how to check:

  • Are there any tell-tale icicles forming on the backside of equipment and bottom of the blade holder?
  • Does the problem persist even after adjusting pressure settings?
  • Are your end seals in proper working order?
  • Does the problem persist even after ensuring all chambers and anilox rolls are parallel with one another?

If you answered yes to one or more of these items, you can reduce and prevent back doctoring with the right kind of doctor blades installed on your equipment.

Download the full Back Doctoring White Paper for more information.