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Ceasing the Chatter - Bounce, Gear Marks or Banding

There are many ways to describe chatter: bounce, gear-marks, banding and stripes of uneven ink application on the printing field. But whatever name it goes by, the common attribute is that chatter often shows up with little or no warning once on press.

Causes can range from design, plate stagger, platemaking, or raw materials, all of which leave press operator with limited options for address once they reveal themselves on the print job. However, there are a number of issues that are completely within the control of press operators that can successfully eliminate chatter without the involvement of other support groups or departments.


While parallelism and balance are equally important to minimize or eliminate unwanted chatter effects, parallelism is more easily controlled by press operators. Impression cylinders, plate cylinders, anilox rolls, drive rolls, and idler rolls must be aligned and parallel.

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