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Zecher Specialty Engraving Technologies

Among the greatest advantages of working with Zecher products from Daetwyler is the ability to access the latest advancements in print roller engraving technologies. Two of Zecher’s key specialty engraving technologies include:


A unique staggered-cell geometric engraving pattern which advances the traditional 60°angle model through the connection of just three consecutive conventional cells.

  • Delivers higher resolutions without any significant loss of volume.
  • Built for smooth running of doctor blades on anilox roller surfaces.
  • Special staggered engraving allows for optimum printing-nip dimensions.
  • Unique cellular form improves evacuation and cleaning.
  • Customizable levels of resolution (L/cm) and staggered structure provide optimal printing results, even with higher-resolution raster.
  • Cell structure permits consistent application across all inking systems.
  • Allows for uniform, homogenous transfer of white, lacquer, gold, silver, and other specialty coatings in the course of printing.
  • Available in varying degrees of resolution with respect to optimal levels for production volume


H.I.T. Technology

High Ink Transfer (H.I.T.) engraving offers more rich, even, homogeneous ink transfer compared to conventional rollers, thanks to special cell geometry as opposed to ink volume.

  • Open-cell geometry is easily cleanable and maximizes efficiency of ink use.
  • Equal opacity with less ink consumption.
  • Closed film formation without pinholes.
  • Suitable for all ink processes, including highly viscous media.
  • Allows for new possibilities for opaque white printing, lacquer, and coating applications.
  • Advantages for Flexo Printing are numerous, and vary depending on individual machine parameters, printing speed, and selected inks.
    • Daetwyler technicians can offer expert support in optimizing your specific setup.
  • Reduced ink consumption delivers substantial cost savings.

Ready to see the difference a Zecher print roller can make? Arrange a free demo, or arrange a test unit to evaluate in your operation today.