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Print Accessories

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  • Lightweight hand-held 3D microscopes that take digital 3D measurements
  • Suitable for:
    Anilox rollers and sleeves
    Flexographic printing plates
    Gravure cylinders
  • Excellent for checking condition of new equipment prior to accepting delivery
  • Ideal for monitoring wear and tear
  • Makes identification of defects or damage simple, easy, and measurable
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  • Brass brush
  • Stainless steel brush
  • Nylon brush
  • Synthetic brush
  • Horsehair brush


Cylinder cover

  • Individually adaptable in accordance with customers’ requirements
  • Fire-resistant
  • Various materials available


End Seals

  • End seals made of felt
  • End seals made of foam
  • Custom end seals
  • Various degrees of Shore hardness



  • Rare Earth magnets with 10x the pulling power of standard magnets
  • Removes metal particles from inking system
  • Leads to longer lasting cylinders and cleaner print
  • Keeps costs down



  • Custom engineered to fit your press
  • Blade changes are simple, accurate, quick and safe
  • Even tensioning
  • Designed for easy cleaning
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