Laser Fast. Laser Precise. LaserClean.

As part of our ongoing commitment to be your experts in ink transfer technologies, Daetwyler offers the latest development in ink removal from anilox rollers – laser cleaning service. Thanks to a special agreement with LaserClean, we now offer four different high quality laser powered anilox roller cleaning machines for use in professional printing environments.

LaserClean technology allows anilox rollers and sleeves to be cleaned off-line, without removing chain wheels or bearings. Ideal for the cardboard, flexo, label, and offset printing industries, LaserClean allows you to bring laser precision to your cleaning operation, and with the convenience and time savings of a superior clean, all in-house.

Now, let’s find out why laser cleaning is the best way when choosing your anilox roll cleaning system.

Why use laser for anilox rolls and sleeves?

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How it Works

This laser based anilox roller cleaning equipment has a simple, but effective way of removing the dried ink. LaserClean equipment points a laser directly at the surface of the anilox rollers. As the roller spins as it would normally, the laser traverses side to side in parallel to the roller.

The laser’s light consists of microscopic photon particles that are able to reach all the way into the deepest cells of the roller’s surface. Pollutants such as ink, residue, and coatings absorb the laser’s energy and are then burned, disintegrated and vaporized. Because the ceramic surface of the roller does not absorb the laser’s energy, it is not impacted in any way by the laser.

There are no granulates, chemicals, or even water needed. After a cleaning cycle, the roller is ready to be used in new applications right away.

LaserClean Products

Daetwyler offers a number of different LaserClean machines to fit the exact needs of your press operation.

Offline laser cleaning that is well suited for Narrow Web presses.

Offline laser cleaning system for anilox
rollers and sleeves.

Offline laser cleaning for
heavy rollers.