Doctor Blade Holders

Doctor Blade Holders

Custom Engineered Doctor Blade Holders

To be highly successful in business, you need the proper tools to ensure superior quality and productivity. Gravure and flexographic printing methods demand high precision equipment from prepress to postpress. Having the right tools to produce quality products and to reduce press downtime is crucial. Even micron-sized deviations have a measurable influence in print quality.

Consistent print quality is only possible when the doctor blade can provide clean, even ink application during the entire print run. Tight manufacturing tolerances on cylinders and doctor blades do not always guarantee desired results. A worn blade holder, uneven tension or poor alignment can cause serious loss of print quality. MDC custom engineers high quality Doctor Blade Holders to fit your press. This results in the best possible blade holder making blade changes simple, accurate, quick and safe. Our design provides even tensioning of blades, greatly reducing the possibility of wavy blades.

Each holder can be designed specifically to facilitate a better wipe for different cylinder sizes, extend press limits and improve quality. They are designed for easy cleaning and to accommodate a variety of blade thicknesses or combination of blades.

One feature on all of our blade holders is the replacement of bolds with cams. This change insures the customer of quick release, accurate and safe blade changes.

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