End Seals

End Seals

MDC End Seals for chambered doctor blade systems

As the growth of the Flexo industry rapidly increases, MDC continues to offer more products to meet our Flexo customer’s demands for a variety of quality products used everyday in the pressroom.

Achieve superior results when combining our Flexo Consumables with Doctor Blades by Daetwyler – the industry’s trusted leader in precision performance and innovation.

High quality end seals are vitally important in extending doctor blade life. They reduce ink wastage due to leakage and help eliminate score lines and impression marks made on anilox rollers.

A well fitting end seal can resolve many problems on press. When the dimensions are off, the sealing is poor and more pressure is generally applied.

  • End seals made of felt
  • End seals made of foam
  • Custom end seals
  • Various degrees of Shore hardness

White & Gray Foam

White & Gray Foam end seals are the most economical seals and are available in various hardnesses. They are used for short runs and are a good match with economical doctor blades choices such as MDC Flexolife.

Tan Foam

Used most often for process work, Tan Foam end seals are designed mainly to be used with a preground/tipped doctor blade for the cleanest wipe possible.

Pre-soaked Felt

Pre-soaked Felt works well with any blade type and is very durable through multiple press stops. Available in three grades, this felt works well with any blade type.

Red Durafoam

Red Durafoam is durable for long runs and is designed to match the life of a premium coated doctor blade. Useful when the blade and seal life needs to be predetermined so press stops can be predicted.

Red Rubber and Felt Combination

Used to extend blade life and designed for long life with multiple press stops. Great for ECG and match for premium coated blades with special designed tips.

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