The smallest imperfections on your anilox roller or sleeve, gravure cylinders, or on your flexographic plates can cause significant problems with print quality, ink usage, cleaning, and more. Even under ideal conditions, rollers, plates, and cylinders undergo wear and tear that may not be visible to the naked eye. Knowing exactly what condition your equipment is in takes a deeper level of insight — it takes AniCAM HD. 

The AniCAM HD system is designed for the ideal mix of precision and simplicity for all types of critical equipment inspections. Measure cell volume and condition of anilox rolls with 3D geometric measurements. Reduce ink wastage by up to 55% percent. Increase productivity by as much as 4% simply by eliminating unnecessary waste. Set up print runs with micron-level precision for the unmatched consistency. AniCAM HD does it all. 

  • Lightweight hand-held 3D scanning microscope  
  • Built-in digital 3D measurements
  • Rotatable 3D view at the click of a button 
  • Full 3D scans take just 30 seconds to complete
  • Suitable for
    • Anilox rollers and sleeves
    • Flexographic printing plates
    • Gravure cylinders
  • Excellent for checking condition of new equipment prior to accepting delivery
  • Ideal for monitoring wear and tear
  • Makes identification of defects or damage simple, easy, and measurable


  • High resolution image sensor (1024 x 768)
    Greater image detail for enhanced analysis
  • On-board image processing
    Provides faster, cleaner imagery to enhance analysis accuracy
  • Enhanced optical path
    Improves image accuracy and interoperability
  • New LED lighting system
    Delivers improved measurements for deep/complex cell structures
  • PIXELOC™ Closed loop drive control system
    Allows AniCAM HD to operate accurately even in challenging environments. PIXELOC ensures the most precise and repeatable analysis by removing errors caused by users and environmental conditions.
  • Intelligent user feedback display
    Color LED system for easy status readings
  • Improved ergonomic design
    Lightweight, easier to hold and place on anilox
  • MagneCAM option
    Allows AniCAM to be used at any angle – even for on-press anilox evaluations

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Image resolution

1024 x 768 pixel