Renzmann RotomaX Series

Renzmann RotomaX Series

Distillation Unit Model ROTOmaX (for Large-size Solvent Generators)

Detailed data collection of contaminated solvents, clean solvent, sludge, etc. All data nicely visible on color monitor. Automation distillation without or with very limited operator supervision. Reduction of emissions through enclosure of discharge area. Distillation under vacuum to lower boiling point and heating.

All electrical parts are UL, FM & CSA listed.

Distillation Output*

Series 15 Series 20 Series 30 Series 50 Series 75 Series 110
Output: 11-24 gph 15-31 gph 23-47 gph 39-79 gph 50-118 gph 87-174 gph
Filling: 66 Gallons 66 Gallons 105 Gallons 171 Gallons 264 Gallons 396 Gallons
Heating: 15 kW 20 kW 30 kW 50 kW 75 kW 110 kW

* Recovery rate depends on type of solvent and contamination

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