Renzmann DW Series

Renzmann DW Series

The DW series is for compact batch distillation unit suitable for small operations. The unit is easily maintained and also has continuous distillation capabilities depending on your needs.

The distillate from this machine will be virtually the same as new solvent and just as effective.

Distillation Output *

DW 50 DW 100
Output: 5-10 gph 7-15 gph
Filling: 13 Gallons 26 Gallons
Heating: 4.5 kW 9 kW

* Recovery rate depends on type of solvent and contamination

Sludge removal

Sludge can be collected in a bag or contained within the unit itself. If you use a collection bag, removal is fast and easy. If you collect the sludge within the unit, clean out is simplified with liquid waste drained from the sump and solids accessible through the sump door.


Additional information

Media to be distilled


distillation output

20-60 l/h


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