SKM Tank Washer

SKM Tank Washer

Cleans containers on the in- and outside with spray nozzles. The cleaning agent can be a solvent or a hot caustic solution. The spraying system consists of a manifold with spray nozzles that moves around the container and another spray head that rotates within the container. This ensures a very effective cleaning of all container surfaces. With optional nitrogen purging and other safety-related details, the machine meets the highest standards of explosion proof design. All electrical parts are UL, FM & CSA listed.


SKM 09/11: Ø 900 mm, max. total height 1100 mm
SKM 12/13: Ø 1200 mm, max. total height 1300 mm
SKM 15/15: Ø 1500 mm, max. total height 1500 mm

SKM tank washer for inside and outside cleaning of portable tanks. View hot caustic soda system with detailed cleaning solution management.

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