ALCS 2500 S (F)

ALCS 2500 S (F)

Hailed by some as the ”Rolls Royce” of static laser cleaning machines, this innovative machine is suitable for rollers of up to 4 meters and 800 kg. This machine is designed for professional printing companies that wish to operate in-house laser cleaning. Even with the largest rollers, the ALCS 2500 S(F) offers a cleaning speed of 2.5 meters per hour and can be customized for rollers up to 4000 mm. Difficult pollutions such as glue are also no problem for this machine, often rendering refurbishing of Aniloxes unnecessary. It’s the fastest and most efficient in offline laser cleaning.

ALCS 2500 S / SF – Wide Web Laser Cleaning System

  • Maximum length of the roller: 2.500 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the roller: 100 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the roller: 300 mm
  • Maximum weight of the roller: 800 kg
  • Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 3.945 x 810 x 1.237 mm
  • Weight: 850 kg
  • Laser power S / SF: 70 W / 140 W

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