ALCS 1000 S (F)

ALCS 1000 S (F)

Superior Laser Cleaning Of Label Rollers And Sleeves

The ALCS 1000 S(F) is the world’s first in easy, fast and safe laser cleaning of rollers and sleeves for label printing (Narrow Web). This innovative Narrow Web laser cleaning machine can be offered affordably. It is suitable for label rollers and sleeves of up to 100 centimeters and 25 kg, with diameters between 50 mm and 200 mm. Moreover, removing bearings and chain wheels is not necessary. Intensive cleaning of a label roller takes approximately 7 minutes.

ALCS 1000 S / SF – Narrow Web Laser Cleaning System

  • Maximum length of the roller: 1.000 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the roller: 50 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the roller: 200 mm
  • Maximum weight of the roller: 25 kg
  • Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 2.240 x 770 x 1.200 mm
  • Weight: 350 kg
  • Laser power S / SF: 20 W / 40 W

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