Renzmann FlexPlate Cleaner

Renzmann FlexPlate Cleaner

Let Daetwyler show you the tremendous opportunity that FlexPlate Cleaner can provide. Reusing flexo printing plates is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to control operational press costs. However, making sure plates are thoroughly and completely cleaned without damaging them can be challenging when done manually.

Imagine what you could do for productivity and profitability if you had a state-of-theart machine that’s specially designed to clean and dry flexo printing plates with careful precision?

That’s the FlexPlate Cleaner Advantage made possible by D.W. RENZMANN, the industry specialist for cleaning solutions and distillation units, and DAETWYLER, the Experts in Ink Transfer Technology.

How does it work?

With the FlexPlate Cleaner, flexo printing plates can be reused several times no matter what kind of printing ink was used on a previous run. FlexPlate Cleaner is powered by two rotating brushes, one that cleans lengthwise and another that cleans in a perpendicular direction for a complete and total clean without compromising the integrity of the processed plate. If desired, an integrated detergent heating system heats up solvents and cleaning solutions quickly and safely within the stainlesssteel reservoirs. A water rinsing section with an immersed re-circulating pump and solvent spray bar remove any residue left behind from the cleaning process.

The FlexPlate Cleaner is automatic and uses a photo-electric cell to detect plates and a patented plate transport system that is designed to prevent jamming, curling, or deviation of the plates and also offers adjustable transport speed. Self-adjusting roller pressure and cotton roller covers remove moisture completely while also avoiding scratches or uneven cleaning.

Let Daetwyler show you the tremendous opportunity that FlexPlate Cleaner can provide.

  • Fully automated – no supervision necessary
  • 59 inch long conveyor accommodates almost all plate sizes
  • Electronic control boards housed inside stainless steel casing
  • Minimum level signal system for water and solvent reservoirs
  • Does not require hookup to water lines
  • SSF (Simple Saving Flexo) option keeps machine cleaner and reuses detergent on several cycles
  • Equipped with manual emergency stop button
  • Made from AISI 304 stainless steel to resist chemical erosion and wear and tear
  • SpeedyFlexPlate Cleaner also available for more rapid plate cleaning

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