Renzmann Type 3500

Renzmann Type 3500

Cleans printing unit press such as ink pans, ink containers, doctor blades and other parts with solvent or with alkaline water-based cleaners. During the washing operation, the parts are sprayed with solvent by spray pipes oscillating around their longitudinal axes. Very good cleaning results due to short spraying distance and a powerful washing pump. High washing capacity due to a large washing chamber and loading from 2 sides. The solvent tank is separated from the washing chamber; hence emissions are considerably reduced. The machine can be adapted to various tasks with the appropriate accessories.


Type 3500
Usable Inner Length: 78/118 in (2000/3000 mm)
Usable Inner Width: 35 in (2000 mm)
Usable Inner Height: 19.5 in (500 mm)

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