Renzmann Type 3600

Renzmann Type 3600

Cleans gravure cylinders with solvent. Very good cleaning results due to rotation of the gravure cylinders and short spraying distances combined with a powerful washing pump. High washing capacity with equipment fro several gravure cylinders. The solvent tank is separated from the washing chamber; hence emissions are considerably reduced. The machine can be adapted to various tasks with the appropriate accessories. Renzmann Type 3600


Type 360-3
Number of Gravure Cylinders: 3
Max. Length of Cylinder: 78 in (2000 mm)
Max. Diameter of Cylinder: 12 in (300 mm)


Type 360-5
Number of Gravure Cylinders: 5
Max. Length of Cylinder: 98 in (2500 mm)
Max. Diameter of Cylinder: 12 in (300 mm)

The machine size will be adapted individually to your needs in regard to number, length and diameter of the cylinders. Examples as mentioned below (different sizes on request)

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