Renzmann Type HA & HA-S

Renzmann Type HA & HA-S

Type HA

The type HA cleans gravure cylinders and anilox rolls using top-loading, closed stainless steel wash cabin. Separate water cycle for high-pressure system; provision of warm water in a second, separate stainless steel high-pressure water container positioned under the wash chamber. Use of warm water for high-pressure spray wash; therefore further optimization of wash results and reduction in water consumption.

Type HA-S

Similar design to type HA, however, with the following differences:

  • Turning devices for rollers/cylinders consisting of two journals with two powered rollers, one journal; movable for different wash item lengths, sleeves can be loaded with end/journal plates.
  • Two high-pressure nozzles on carriage and double the capacity of the high-pressure pump, double carriage speed and therefore half the time/cylinder length for high-pressure cleaning.
  • Larger wash medium container.

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