Used Equipment

Used Equipment

Reconditioned Cleaning Systems Available for Purchase

Delivering Exceptional Value from Day One

Because Daetwyler has such an extensive history in the industry, and relationships with many of the busiest print shops and businesses in the world, we often have the opportunity to obtain used equipment for resale.

Most often, we acquire these reconditioned cleaning systems through clients who have either upgraded to newer equipment or are changing the type of cleaning system they need for new presses or different printing applications.

The benefit for businesses like yours is that you get superior equipment at a substantial savings, all backed by the Daetwyler reputation for performance and quality. We review, repair, remanufacture, recondition, and re-test every piece of used equipment prior to sale and delivery, and we remain dedicated to on-site support and maintenance should you ever require it.

If you are looking for used equipment for your business please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you to discuss your company’s needs.