Longlife Doctor Blade

Longlife Doctor Blade

For Gravure

The Longlife blade provides clean doctoring, reduces drag-outs, and increases cylinder life. With an industry specific coating that significantly increases blade life, press downtime and waste are reduced. It is an excellent blade choice for abrasive and corrosive inks and coatings.

For Flexo

This blade significantly lengthens blade life due to the hardened coating. It is commonly used for abrasive inks and coatings. Fewer blade changes are needed for short run lengths, resulting in reduced downtime and waste. This is a well-rounded doctor blade for fighting print defects due to blade wear and abrasive inks. The many different tip configurations it is made in make it suitable for any application.

Longlife Doctor Blade Advantages

  • Our bestseller for decades
  • An all-rounder for every printing application
  • Very high service life in continuous printing
  • Reduces drag outs, streaks and hazing in gravure printing

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0.395" – 3.125" (10 – 80.0 mm)

Tip Selector

Flexolife, Lamella, Multiblade, Onestep