Solvent Analysis and Trial Distillation

Solvent Analysis and Trial Distillation

For many operations, the cost of solvents and disposal are significant expenses that seriously impact bottom-line profitability. That is why Daetwyler is proud to work with D.W. Renzmann to help pressrooms and other production facilities tap into the tremendous savings offered by solvent recovery and distillation.

  • Specialized equipment separates solvent from solids and contaminants
  • Remaining “clean” solvent can be used again – reducing the cost of total solvent used and needed
  • Removed contaminants take up far less volume and cost much less for disposal
  • In-house distillation equipment can run safely without an attendant
  • Recovers up to 95% of solvent depending on type of solvent and contaminants

To learn how much solvent recovery may benefit your business, please feel free to use our complimentary savings calculator below. Then, to customize your results based on your actual solvent usage, please fill out the form to arrange to send a test sample to DW Renzmann for analysis and reporting of % recovery available through various DW Renzmann machines.

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