Anilox Cleaning Efficiency + Extra Performance

A Daetwyler Analyze, Design, Implement, Measure Success Story

By using state-of-the-art laser cleaning technology, a flexo packaging printer was able to achieve higher-quality graphic output and faster change-overs…

A company we work with specializes in solvent-based flexo printing for flexible packaging, primarily in the pet food market. They had recently installed a new press with a goal of faster, more efficient print runs as well as higher-quality graphic output. Together, these two benchmarks would allow them to expand to additional markets, yielding higher profits along the way.

In order to get the most out of the new press set up, however, the client needed a reliable, thorough method for getting anilox rolls as clean as possible. Without this, they stood to waste a lot of time in cleaning and set up, and they would experience less-than-ideal results from the new press.


Understanding the company’s goals and looking at their equipment set up, we were able to offer the LaserClean 2100 – one of the most complete cleaning tools available.

LaserClean uses laser technology to vaporize inks, coatings, and other residues without leaving any abrasive scratching or chemical residues on the roller. The 2100 unit is capable of cleaning anilox sleeves up to 2100mm in length.
Daetwyler experts worked alongside the customer to test this process in our lab, formulating a cleaning process that takes as little as 25 minutes. The machine went on to become their operation’s sole method for cleaning anilox rolls after it was demonstrated that it improved opacity, consistency, and decreased their makeready time by as much as 15 minutes.

In addition to spotlessly clean anilox rollers with less mess and a damage-free cleaning process, the client has been able to keep their new press working at like-new levels for longer.

  • Completely clean cells means reduced color-matching time

  • Deep, rich densities on solid colors are simple to achieve

  • Crisp, clean, high-quality printing across all applications

As a result, the company successfully entered their new target markets with ease, and performs to those customers’ expectations. Increased profitability has provided strong return on investment for LaserClean and the new press alike.