Daetwyler USA

The global market leader for coated and uncoated, precision doctor blades

The global market leader for coated and uncoated, precision doctor blades and the North American parent company for Rotoflex.

Our product portfolio is under continuous review in order to meet market and customer requirements. This requires an inspection process and tests, which are carried out by our own materials specialists. Each product is subjected to demanding tests by the manufacturing process up its final release to ensure that all ISO 9001 quality standards are met.

The Daetwlyer research and development department is committed to the continuous improvement of all products and their properties, which we adapt to the needs of our customers. This not only ensures the development of the latest products, but also internal quality control. In combination with our many years of experience, an R&D Department and a global sales network, we offer our customers cutting-edge products, technical advice and services around the globe.

Due to Daetwyler’s highly respected reputation for quality worldwide, we are also the exclusive North American distributor for

The Daetwyler Environmental Promise

Daetwyler USA focuses on the use of the latest technologies and the identification of new materials and chemicals that have low impacts on the environment both during and subsequent to their use. Wherever possible, materials are recycled, parts are reprocessed and reused to reduce the amount of waste. We also maintain and promote this philosophy company-wide to ensure it benefits everyone.

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