MDC Longlife Pro

MDC Longlife Pro

The MDC Longlife Pro was specifically designed by Daetwyler to help printers achieve clean doctoring results in gravure printing, regardless of ink type or engraving specification. Today, gravure printers are greeted with new challenges of higher speeds, variable ink systems, and inconsistent cylinder surfaces when comparing new and worn cylinders. The MDC Longlife Pro addresses these concerns through advances in doctor blade coating technologies.


  • Excellent doctoring throughout the tonal spectrum
  • Clean doctoring without readjustments
  • Clean and constant wiping over the entire blade life
  • Reduced friction and gentle to the chrome surface
  • Easy to use – even for the newest operator

Additional information



30.0 – 60.0 mm

Tip Selector

Lamella, Multiblade


0.006" (0.150mm), 0.008" (0.200mm)