Anilox Wide Web

Rollers and Cylinders for Flexo, Litho, Coatings, and More

The Sandon Global wide-web reputation is respected worldwide because of in-house manufacture of anilox rollers, mandrels, sleeves, and end-rings for total quality control. The unique wide-web engraving solutions offer precision and consistency in volume transfer, line count, porosity and hardness characteristics.

High Definition Process 75° (iPro)

The Sandon Global High Definition 75º engraving (also known as iPro) harnesses the characteristics required to achieve vivid colors by controlling opacity while reducing dot bridging. Other benefits include:

High Definition Process 61° (XPRO)

High Definition print is becoming ever more popular in wide-web applications, and the Sandon Global specialized 61º engraving (also known as XPRO) is ideal for both process and vignette print. Used typically with high resolution plates, robust cell peaks and channelled cell walls offer:

Heavy Solid & Coating (GMX Anilox®)

The Sandon Global patented engraving (also known as GMX Anilox®) has been designed to address the challenges of laying down special and heavy coatings including varnish, adhesives, and metallic inks. This versatile and unique engraving is protected under patent no. EP3408097B1 because of a design that allows for:

High Volume Solid (HVS)

Our High Volume Solid engraving (or HVS) was developed to enable high coat weights and ink deposits to be applied efficiently and consistently. Runs at high speeds without blocking, making  it extremely popular with our wide web customers. Other advantages include:

High Volume Process (HVP)

The High Volume Process (also known as HVP) is an intermediate anilox that was designed to combine high line counts with high volumes for process solid and tone print. The elongated cell design allows for increased print latitude in comparison to conventional specifications. Key benefits include:

Combination (Fluid FP)

anilox sleve daetwyler 300

Our Combination engraving (also known as Fluid FP) is designed for use in wide-web flexographic print processes. The open nature of the engraving offers many advantages such as:

Conventional 60° (Classic)

The 60° Conventional engraving (or Classic) is a multi-functional anilox and offers wide-web printers consistent print results for both process and solid print on a broad range of substrates. The open cell structure delivers excellent release characteristics.

Daetwyler is the only company that ensures both components (doctor blade and anilox) work optimally together, so ink transfer remains smooth and consistent – from the first impression to the last.