Anilox Evaluation

Anilox Evaluation

All press and production equipment has a usable service life. Companies often assume that consistent declines in output or performance must mean the time has come to replace certain components – but in actuality, the decline may be more attributable to insufficient cleaning and build up, or mild damage or wear to components that may be fixable. Which scenario is impacting your business can be challenging – if not impossible – to know for certain just by visual examination.

Daetwyler can not only help you find the answers you need – but can also do so with ultra-precise measurements so you can track performance decline and evaluate the effectiveness of various solutions. We do it with AniCAM HD™:

  • Hand-held laser microscope camera with built-in measurement capabilities
  • Evaluates and measures surfaces with micron-level precision
  • Point-and-capture simplicity can be used for:
    • Scanning and locating anilox scratches or wear
    • Measuring cell volume and comparing against manufacturer specifications
    • Identifying microscopic defects or wear in doctor blades
    • Evaluating effectiveness of cleaning procedures and locating residue or build up

We often bring AniCAM HD™ along with us on audits and consulting appointments, because it delivers proof-positive answers as to what the real problem is – and what the appropriate next steps are to restore peak productivity and performance. AniCAM HD™ is also available for purchase for teams that wish to keep this tool in house.

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