Anilox Rollers by Zecher

Placing Precision Quality at the Core of Your Print Operation

Part of our promise to be The Experts in Ink Transfer Technologies means providing solutions for every aspect of your print operation. This includes one of the most important pieces of equipment in your shop – your anilox roller.

Daetwyler is proud to be the official North American partner for Zecher – one of the most respected names in the industry for the precision manufacturing of professional-grade anilox rollers and anilox sleeves. Zecher has been in business for over 70 years, and with that kind of expertise comes true manufacturing and innovation excellence.

With Zecher products installed in your presses, your operation can achieve:

Zecher Anilox Roller Engravings

Specialized engravings for anilox rollers is one of the key differences between Zecher and other roller manufacturers. Our precision engraving technology ensures tight tolerances, superior transfer, and better compatibility with other press components such as doctor blades.

Available patterns include

Plus additional Zecher exclusive offerings like

Anilox Sleeves and CFRP Rollers

The Zecher Difference

Why does precision matter? Because any brand new roller can provide improved results over a worn and scored roller – but only Zecher rollers maintain like-new performance with repeated use.

In an industry test conducted by a printer in Germany, the performance of various anilox roller brands were compared against one another with the same print set up. The printer measured the wear (volume of ink the cell can hold) over a period of time (six months and 35,000 km).

The gray and gold lines above show that Zecher rollers continued to hold the same volume of ink versus competitors, who either sharply or gradually declined over time. Loss of volume means the anilox surface has worn down.

Surface wear can happen for a variety of reasons, but two of the most important is in the application of ceramic to the roller surface and also the way rollers are polished. Without precise polishing, wear not only occurs on the surface of the roller, but also on doctor blades.

Scatterplot of Volume vs Distance(km)

Without Proper Polishing:

When an anilox is not properly polished, it creates an uneven surface for the doctor blade to ride on. Either the blade will wear the anilox smooth (putting ceramic particles in the ink) or the anilox will aggressively wear the doctor blade (putting additional blade material in the ink). Either way, the result is unnecessary wear on both the anilox and the doctor blade.

This can result in:

Anilox without proper polishing
Anilox without proper polishing

Daetwyler is the only company that insures both components (doctor blade and anilox) work optimally together, so ink transfer remains smooth and consistent – from the first impression to the last.