A Custom Fit for One-Size-Fits All Tank Washing

A Daetwyler Analyze, Design, Implement, Measure Success Story

Before Daetwyler

Renzmann Type 6090 Drum & Pail Washer. Cleans drums on the inside and outside

Identify ink tank washing solutions

One of our ink manufacturing clients who supplies flexible packaging producers was finding themselves spending a lot of man hours on handwashing of ink tanks. 

They had wanted to get a tank washing machine to try and speed up the process, but because their variety of tank sizes were so different, it was a challenge. They couldn’t find a single spray washer that was effective at odd shapes and sizes and also allowed the machine lid to seal when washing larger tanks. This meant hand washing for some of their largest or most complicated tanks.

How Analyze, Design, Implement, Measure Made a Difference

Develop custom solution

If there’s one thing Daetwyler excels at, it’s eliminating unnecessary down time. Our experts gathered the exact dimensions of every tank the client wanted to wash and then worked with DW Renzmann to develop a custom spray lid that would seal around ALL their containers.

After Daetwyler

nanovis process solution

Optimize the costs

While custom solutions are typically more expensive than ready-made equipment, the cost savings associated with automating the entire washing procedure more than outweighed the additional expense. 

The custom spray washer cuts down on man hours by 75% and delivers a more thorough cleaning with less cross-contamination between ink batches. 

And those savings repeat themselves with every cleaning, even though the custom wash lid was a one-time cost.