A Full-Scale Press Rehab - Made Possible by Daetwyler

A Daetwyler Analyze, Design, Implement, Measure Success Story

Presses and essential press components simply cost too much to replace every time there’s a problem, but poor print quality hurts profitability too. Our flexo client specializing in flexible food packaging was dealing with anilox damage, frequent deck rebuilds, and excess mess and needed an all-around fix…

Before Daetwyler

Ensure quality output for the customer and profitability for the pressroom

Increased set-up times and deck rebuilds were costing one of our clients $100,000 a month in lost productivity, extra equipment, and repairs. The concern among the plant manager, manufacturing manager, print manager, and process engineers was that a new press might be the only answer. Daetwyler was initially called out to see if testing doctor blades and end seals might be the solution they so desperately needed, but we knew we could do even better.

How Analyze, Design, Implement, Measure Made a Difference

Perform a thorough equipment analysis

Before jumping in with doctor blade and end seal recommendations, Daetwyler conducted a full press assessment to see what could be done to improve performance across the board. After sharing findings with the entire pressroom team, it was unanimously decided to partner together and do a full restoration of the chambers and deck calibrations. We also agreed to get to the bottom of why all engraving specs were causing anilox score lines. Then, and only then would we start testing blades and end seals.

After Daetwyler

Increased throughput and shorter washing cycles

After leading teams through the restoration process to return the press to like-new specifications and parameters, Daewtyler recommended GamutStar and PearlStar blades and Daetwyler end seals to maintain the improved set up. Upon testing, blade life has increased by 50% and crews are now spending less time cleaning up the drip pans during make ready time. Anilox score lines have been greatly reduced not only on this press but throughout the entire press room since transitioning over to the GamutStar/PearlStar combination.

Best of all, the $100,000 per month of wasted overhead is now going directly back into the operation – for a boost of $1.2 million per year.