Complex 8-Color Printing. Simple Solutions for Efficiency

A Daetwyler Analyze, Design, Implement, Measure Success Story

Before Daetwyler

Work around the clock

A packaging company that services the medical, pharmaceutical, and security industries had spent decades producing boxes, cartons, and other materials solely with one-color and two-color presses from the 1960s. 

They were starting to lose customers to pressrooms that could offer more color and graphic options, and they wanted to increase their market reach to new customers.

So, they purchased a new, eight-color press, but their press crews had never worked with anything quite so complex. 

They needed a solution fast… without endangering existing client relationships with poor print performance or a lengthy learning curve.

How Analyze, Design, Implement, Measure Made a Difference

Offer assistance and training

Daewtyler’s 45+ years of expertise were exactly what was needed on many levels. 

We started by assisting press installers with initial press set-up to get everything started on the right foot. Then, Daetwyler conducted hands-on training with the company’s existing press teams, walking them through each step of set-up, change-overs, cleaning, and more. 

We then stayed involved as teams began working on their own and helped identify and resolve potential issues that would negatively impact efficiency.

In just a few days, operators and helpers were working as efficiently on the eight-color press as they had been with the older one- and two-color presses.

After Daetwyler

Increase and diversify the served markets

Since bringing the new eight-color press online, the client has increased and diversified the markets they serve. 

They have also been able to increase their revenues thanks to being able to offer more complex graphic execution, giving them a stronger competitive position within their sector of the industry.