Saving Money with Quality Set-Up

A Daetwyler Analyze, Design, Implement, Measure Success Story

Every penny counts when it comes to staying competitive in the printing and packaging business, which is why a major flexible packaging provider asked Daetwyler to help them find ways to tighten up their operation…

Before Daetwyler

When you look close, almost every pressroom has room for improvement. So, when one of our clients who is a leader in flexible packaging came to us looking to truly maximize their profitability by reducing unnecessary costs and downtime, we looked closely at how to help an already well-run operation achieve the very best in terms of profitability and performance.

How Analyze, Design, Implement, Measure Made a Difference

optipro plus

Working side by side with pressroom engineers and production teams, Daetwyler experts conducted press assessments and testing across the client’s full lineup of 10 wide web presses. Through this process, it became clear there was lost productivity associated with frequent changing of doctor blades and additional clean up from leaking end seals. While these errors had yet to show up on print outputs, it was costing the company time and money that could be saved.

After Daetwyler


Because Daetwyler was able to spend time on press with the client, we were able to make precise recommendations for both doctor blades and end seals that would provide consistent, long-lasting performance with less frequent change outs and set up time. Over the course of the following year, the client systematically transitioned all presses to Daetwyler doctor blades and seals. This amounted to a $136,000 savings in materials, since Daetwyler blades and seals did not need to be changed as often as lower cost, lower quality alternatives. An additional $75,000 savings came from less downtime associated with set up. 

With just a small adjustment, the company now saves $200,000 every year by using Daewtyler components and following our recommended set-up procedures.