Cleaning Up a Leaky Chamber Mess

A Daetwyler Analyze, Design, Implement, Measure Success Story

New or better blades are only part of the answer for leaking chambers — as our clients found out when Daetwyler also made some additional set-up recommendations that thoroughly resolved the problem…

Before Daetwyler

Any way you look at it, a leaking chamber is a mess. Besides the physical mess of spilled inks, dirty presses, and time-consuming clean-up, there is the business disaster of wasted resources, the expense of downtime, and unacceptable print quality.

At a flexo print operation focused on flexible packaging for the food & beverage industry, leaking chambers and limited blade life were becoming all-too-common problems with their current doctor blade supplier.


As a leader in high-quality doctor blade design and manufacturing, Daetwyler often hears from clients experiencing what seems to be doctor blade issues. However, our more than 40 years of experience has shown us that something like major chamber leaking is often the result of more than one situation.

After doing a thorough press evaluation, we agreed that we could provide more reliable doctor blades that offered better performance, but Daetwyler also recommended changes during set-up to better seal the chamber, including upgraded end seals and some foam tape applied to the doctor blade to fully address the problem.

After Daetwyler

The client’s management team agreed to a trial • period using our complete set up of Daetwyler doctor blades, end seals, and foam tape to resolve chamber leaking. The results showed improvements immediately.

  • Significantly reduced chamber leaking
  • Less wasted ink
  • Reduced clean-up and associated downtime
  • Less chamber pressure needed
  • Longer blade life
  • Less anilox wear
  • Improved print quality