Waste less solvent. Earn more profits.

As with any piece of equipment in the professional printing industry, solvent recovery systems are considered an investment. What you may be surprised to find is that the average system offered by Daetwyler often pays for itself in just 3 to 5 months.

After that, the savings go directly to your bottom line… each and every month!

Consider the following scenario that compares costs of solvent, operation, and waste disposal in a standard professional print shop setting…

Traditional (No Recovery System) With ROTOmaX 30 (Estimated Recovery Rate - 95%)
Operational Days Per Year: 345 345
Shifts Per Day: 3 3
Current Solvent Usage Per Year (gallons): 200,000 200,000
Solvent Cost (per gallon): $4.75 $4.75
Recovered Solvent (gallons) 0.00 190,000.00
Total Fresh/Make-Up Solvent Cost Per Year: $950,000.00 $47,500.00
Gallons of Disposable Solids (10%) 20,000.00 20,000.00
Gallons of Disposable Solids + Dirty Solvent: 220,000.00 30,000.00
55 Gallon Drums Necessary for Disposal
(rounded up to nearest whole number):
4000 546.0
Cost of Disposal Per Drum: $90.00 $90.00
Total Cost of Disposal Per Year: $360,000.00 $49,140.00
Total Operating Costs Per Year: $1,310,000.00 $96,640.00
Total Savings: 0 $1,213,360.00
Monthly Savings $110,113.33

What could your operation do with an extra $100,000+ in your budget every month?

Solvent Recovery is about more than simply saving resources and creating less waste.

It is a simple, effective way to enhance your profit margins without making any sacrifices to print performance or payroll.

*Machine Sizing Calculation Based on User Input: Required Output of Clean Solvent Per Hour: = Gallons of Solvent Used Per Year / Operational Days / Hours Operational Per Day = 24.2 Gallons Per Hour
Machine Selected Based on Required Output: ROTOmaX 30 (estimated recovery rate 95%)


One of the best indicators of a strong investment is its ability to pay back its cost quickly – putting more money back in the business as soon as possible.

At Daetwyler, we deliver systems that can pay for themselves in as little as 3 months… that’s quicker than most press equipment yields a return.

Here’s How the Estimated Payback Works:

ROTOmaX 30 Cost Options + Annual Operating Cost Total Investment Months to ROI
Base Model - $250,000 $96,640.00 #346,640 3
Fully Automated - $370,000 $96,640.00 $466,640 4.62

In less than 6 months, your operation moves from payback to profitability. Remember, with this scenario, monthly savings are estimated at just over $100,000.

So just 6 months after you’ve implemented a solvent recovery system, your business will have saved over $600,000.

What you do with those savings is up to you – but imagine the possibilities if you were able to put it back towards your overall print costs.

How much new business might you be able to earn by cutting back your prices simply because of what you’re saving on solvent recovery?


The system selected for this example is just one of many options we can provide for your solvent recovery, tank cleaning, and parts washing needs.

In less than 6 months,
your operation moves from
payback to profitability.