We want to congratulate our customer, Immer Group, one of the world’s largest producers of flexible packaging materials, films and labels, for winning this year’s Best of the Best Golden Cylinder Award for Packaging/Film Packaging.

The Gravure Association of the Americas awarded Immer Group this prestigious award for gravure-printing achievement at the annual GAAmericas Technical Forum in early October.

Immer Group was one of four other award recipients for outstanding print and packaging, including The National Geographic (The Best of the Best Publication); Amcor Specialty Cartons (The Best of the Best Packaging/Board); Inland Packaging (The Best of the Best Packaging/Paper); and Interprint Inc. (The Best of the Best Product, Inspire).

Judges described Immer Group’s packaging as being of “Exceptional print quality” and “Extremely clean type.” They further stated that “The level of the printing is outstanding. The graphic choice pushes the envelope making full use of laser engraving.”

Immer Group packages a variety of products, including confections, meats, chips and snacks, pet food, construction materials, and household products. We are proud to be the supplier of Daetwyler Doctor Blades and the Rotoflex Inks Immer uses to create the winning packaging that serves a broad spectrum of industries.