In a recent article by Packaging Europe, expected production of flexible packaging is set to increase dramatically between now and 2018. Why? Primarily, it’s because of the convenience and costs associated with pouches and other similar packages.

What does that mean for the printing community as a whole? Well, for starters, it means to expect even more of the short production runs and just-in-time projects that are common in the flexible packaging market. But it also means more demand to match print quality from one run to the next – without unnecessary wastage, down time, or inconsistencies in color or sharpness.

That’s a lot of stress to put presses and blades through, with multiple short-volume set ups and runs each day. So that means it’s more important than ever to have quality Doctor Blades and equipment… because changing inferior blades or resetting machinery costs both printers and clients money.

It’s situations like this that has had Daetwyler innovating print performance since 1972. We’ve seen that stoppages cost time, money, and client satisfaction so we create products to solve those problems. In the case of flexible packaging – we’ve designed our blades with special coatings to minimize wear. This results in clear, crisp, repeatable results with true-to-color matching between multiple runs.

Of course, that’s a big opportunity for Flexography and Gravure print operations… and one that deserves the highest levels of precision on the market for blades, end seals, consumables, and more.