Personalized Service - Brian Wolf​

Video Transcript

When I’m in front of my customers, I make them aware of, you know, my past and my background, and just share with them then if there’s ever opportunities for me to either lead or participate on some sort of continuous improvement Kazon team. I truly believe that 5s builds a foundation for any type of continuous improvement. So, if there’s organizations that don’t have 5s implemented to where they’ve developed, trained and going through the steps of the process and auditing, that’s really building the foundation. I had one account where I work closely with where we went in took one work center, identified a small team to where I was able to then kind of develop and train the individuals on the 5s tools and tactics; and then we went out and put those into place and we built an audit and it was really successful.

The nice thing was – that was really rewarding for me – was is three months later when I come back in to follow up to see, kind of how things were going or answer any questions and that they may have; what we did on that one particular work center had already been expanded out to several additional work centers. So, it was very rewarding to see that the individuals within the facility and the company realized the benefits, the values and benefits behind 5s and other continuous improvement like efforts. My name is Brian Wolfe Regional Technical Sales Manager for the Upper Midwest, I’ve been with the Daetwyler corporation now for three years and been within the industry, within the industry for 28 years.