Turn on the news and you’ll hear reports of unemployment being lower than it has been in years… but it doesn’t seem like that when you look at your press room, right?  Lately, it seems like it’s difficult to find any kind of employee, let alone someone entry level to handle things like parts washing and equipment clean up. This common industry frustration is actually a two-part problem. 

On one side, you have potential employees who are interested in joining the print industry, but they don’t have proper training and knowledge to start working on press right away. As an employer, you don’t want to turn away an eager person, so you start them someplace like maintenance and cleaning. But, it’s a dirty, thankless job. They’re working with messy equipment, possibly in contact with caustic or smelly substances, day in and day out, over and over again with the only reward being a paycheck. The issue is, there are lots of more pleasant jobs out there paying similar wages. So, they quit. 

You could pay more for the position, but that means increasing the wages for other employees, which increases your overall costs to clients. Over time, you could quickly find yourself in a difficult competitive situation as you adjust your pricing to try and cover your expenses.

Hiring temp services to come in and do your cleaning might work as a short-term solution, but it’s expensive and often means a lot of downtime for your business. Once again, you end up in a situation where your costs are going up and you either have to adjust pricing to clients or take a loss on your margins and overall profitability.

The other side of the situation is employee retention for senior employees. If you were to assign this undesirable, but very necessary task to one of your more experienced press operators, you risk them resigning to work for a competitor that won’t ask them to serve that role. Losing reliable press operators is something print companies cannot afford if they want to stay in business. It’s also a smarter business decision to keep senior employees on upper-level tasks that can’t be completed by entry-level personnel

So, How Can Daetwyler Help?

While we can’t make employees eager to take on the messiest job in the pressroom, we can change the way you get that job done. Instead of looking for the right person for the job, hire the right machine for the job.  

Over our 50 years in business, we’ve seen cleaning and parts washing continue to be some of the most frustrating challenges facing the printing industry. So, we devoted our own time and energy towards helping you find the best answers to the problem. Today, that comes in the form of automated systems that get equipment and components cleaner than hand washing ever could – and with little or no contact between employees and mess or chemicals.  

LaserClean is a revolutionary system that removes ink, adhesive, and other build up from anilox rollers without chemicals or abrasives. The laser vaporizes residues into a fine powder that can be vacuumed away, returning the anilox to like-new condition with optimal cell volume. A cleaning technician just sets the roller within the LaserClean chamber, selects a program and presses a button. Minutes later, the work is done. 

The DW Renzmann line of parts washing machines is equally simple. Parts and components are arranged as appropriate for the type of component being washed according to machine instructions. Solvents and cleaning solutions, super-heated water, and pressurized nozzle options are all built into each specific machine as needed. Once again, a technician selects a cleaning cycle, and collects the part or parts after the machine is finished. 

You don’t have to get someONE to do the dirty work. You need someTHING. Here’s how Daetwyler can help you can help you automate your way out of troublesome employee turnover for good: 

  1. Get in touch with us and ask for a trial cleaning with LaserClean or DW Renzmann
  2. Ask us how we can measure the results for comparison with AniCam HD
  3. Request a cost analysis of how much an automated system can save you over time.