Renzmann M Series

Renzmann M Series

The M Series is used for the recovery of contaminated solvents such as concentration of residual-inks and paint (Nitrocellulose waste requires optional safety package).

The M Series is a box shaped distillation boiler including electrically heated double jacket filled with thermal-oil. Designed for batch or continuous operation. Easy residue discharge through large man-way at the front of the unit. Man-way is raised so sludge can easily be discharged into a 55 gallon drum (200 liter drum). Distillation under vacuum to lower boiling point and heating temperature. Automatic shut-off when reaching desired densification. Various accessories available. Explosion-proof, all electrical parts are UL, FM and CSA listed.

Distillation Output*

Output: 7-15 gph 16-26 gph
Filling: 59 Gallons 106 Gallons
Heating: 9 kW 24 kW

* Recovery rate depends on type of solvent and contamination